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Weekend Getaway Package !


Includes 1 Day Vredefort Dome Tour

with Picnic Lunch

Friday & Saturday Night Accommodation


Special Offer - Weekend Breakaway with 1 Day Vredefort Dome Tour !


The Vredefort Dome  is the largest and oldest impact crater known on earth was formed apprx. 2023 million  years  ago  when  a 
large meteorite, the size of Table Mountain, struck the earth near the present day town of Vredefort, 120km south of Johannesburg.
The site is known as the VREDEFORT DOME and part of it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.
The nature of the tour is educational and to purposely encourage the tourist to discover the wonders of the dome.  
The duration of the tour is 7 - 8 hours covering about 100km with a "Picnic Lunch" in the middle of the day.  
Transport can be provided if required.
   The Vredefort Dome Tour
Vertical Quartz rock formations that were pushed up by the meteorite impact View of the Vaal River which is one of the Oldest rivers on earth Old Granite Quarry Tourists at an Anglo Boer War Heliograph Signal Station The Vredefort Dome Tourism Offices. The Original building was the Mine Commisioner's Office with jail in former days A Cave Dwelling inhabited during Stone & Iron Age
A San rock engraving of a Rhino This shows how the granite melted under heat and pressure, trapping rock fragments in the molten rock streams One of the Original Claim Sites dating back to 1933 Evidence of Gold Mining Operations Zebra are some the animals that has been reintroduced in to the Vredefort Dome area The is Kiewiet just one of about 300 bird species in the Vredefort Dome area
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A Typical Itinerary of the package would be :
A powerpoint presentation
-  Followed by a field trip with 13 stops at places of special interest including :
   -  Geology (Meteorite impact evidence)
   -  Fauna and Flora:
      - African Olive forest (National Natural Heritage)
   -  History an Culture:
      -  Stone Age sites
      -  Iron Age sites
      -  Gold mining (Vaal River Diddings)
      -  Anglo Boer war encampments
      -  Early 19th century settlers and historical buildings.
  • Arrival at Waenhuis Guest House on Friday afternoon, settle in, see our sun set then sit down to an enjoyable dinner
  • Saturday early breakfast, then assemble for a short tour overview by our registered tour guide, aiming for the actual tour to begin at 10h00
  • The tour reflects on the meteorite impact crater, rocks and formations, old mining operations, historical buildings and sites also flora and fauna of this unique area
  • Return to Waenhuis in time for drinks and dinner. Evening at leisure either Star gazing or maybe playing a game of pool or darts
  • Sunday breakfast, a walk or drive up Losberg Mountain or at leisure before departing for home

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